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Simple steps

1. Choose a soundtrack

Choose from a range of categories, filters and more to find the perfect soundtrack for your project!

2. Choose a license

Protect your project by choosing from our standard to premium licenses to protect your project.

3. Download

Once you have chosen your beat and license, you are ready to check out and download your products via email or your account.

Our simple licenses

Halal Beats provides two flexible licencing solutions that include unlimited use within your single project.


The non-exclusive right to synchronize Recordings in timed relation with a Production distributed via, or otherwise made available, or hosted via:



The non-exclusive right to reproduce and perform Recordings in, and in connection with, plays and similar live performances, but solely to the extent the same are Student Projects


* All prices are in USD.

Compare Our Royalty-Free Licenses

Not sure which licenses you need? Our handy chart lets you easily compare project types by license.

Licenses valid for one track include all of the following (where available):



Websites, social media (incl. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch)
Online streaming (YouTube and Vimeo)
Personal Use Only
Personal Use Only
Corporate Videos & Personal Use
Online, wedding andcorporate
Apps, Games & DVDs
Free or revenue-generating — includes revenue generated by in-app purchases or advertising
Up to 1,000 copies or downloads
Free or revenue-generating
Film & Theatrical
Movies, plays and live performances
Student Project Only
Student Project Only
Series, films, news, entertainment and talk shows
Pilots and public broadcasting
Single territory
Industrial & Point of Sale
Includes industrial events, trade shows and in-store displays
Single territory
Other Projects
If you are working on a multi-territory campaign, studio film, or project not listed above, our team will be happy to assist you with a license customized to your needs. Contact us

Choosing a license

All of our licences are single-use, non-exclusive synchronisation licences, or “sync” licences. This enables you to use our music into virtually any audio or visual project, including a film, podcast, vlog, advertisement, or anything else. Even better, you can use the music for as long as you like after obtaining a licence because there are no royalties to pay. (* The network that airs the programme pays additional royalties if the music is used for broadcast) We are aware that a musician’s needs can vary from one to the next and even alter over time. You can buy the tracks you need individually licenced if you only need one or two at the moment. If your thirst for music is greater, you can’t beat the convenience and affordability of one of our subscription plans.

Free Access

No license required. We have distributed our beats online to over 50+ stores including Instagram, Tik Tok…etc for you to listen to and use personally.


If you personally enjoy listening to Halal Beats soundtracks, We have them ready for you to listen to on the following platforms: 


When creating a video (On personal accounts only) search Halal Beats in the music library from the following social media platforms:

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Take a closer look at what you can (and can’t) do with PremiumBeat music and Sound Effects.

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