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We offer up to 3 variations of the same beat

It’s important for everybody to know whats used in our beats. Let us share this with you…




We use a range of different pitch variable vocals from all around the world. Such as vocals recorded in-house, vocal samples, vocal synths and vocal pads.


Vocals & Drum


The only drum we use in our products is the Daf or Duf, which has been specially made for us in Egypt. All sounds created by this drum is recorded in-house.


Vocals & Beatbox


All beatboxing samples are recorded in-house by our producers.


We have created simple licenses for you. Here’s how

We believe licenses should be simple to understand. Instead of multiple licenses to spend time choosing on, We’ve saved you the time by now offering only 3 types of licenses…

Choose from single license or subscription packages

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A sound solution platform created for 1.8 billion muslims

Halal Beats is the worlds first and leading halal sound solution for anybody and everybody to use in your project. We are a group of individuals that have come from working in the mainstream music & film industry to provide a solution for muslim content creators & artists to use high quality mainstream sounding vocal only beats and soundtracks.

The beginning of halal beats

The founder of Halal Beats was invited to a worldwide national TV station to discuss how Halal Beats all started…From an idea to a fully running business serving over 10,000 muslim content creators and artists around the world. Watch to find out more…

More than 10,000+ content creators use Halal Beats

Since 2020 we have had 30% growth in content creators and artist in the world…

This is huge! We are growing into a fast growing world of technology. More and more business’s are starting and developing because of how simple it is to start a business nowadays. Just like halal beats. It all started from an idea, then the idea was created…and now its serving you! 

Here are some of our inspiring users…

Sister in business


Ummah Nation



Food Chain Owner

Musa Abdul Aleem

Basketball Pro

Silverback AJ


Iqra Primary School



How do I purchase a beat?

1. Browse the selection of beats we have

2. Select a beat

3. Click on “Add’ on the right side of the track

4. On the top left you will see a cart, click on the cart

5. Click on ‘proceed to checkout’

6. Review & agree to the beat(s) and license selected

7. Select a payment method

8. If ‘Paypal’ has been selected you may need to sign in. If ‘Stripe’ has been selected you may need to input details of the chosen card to pay with

9. You will then be directed to a downloads page and a copy of the beat(s) will be sent to the email provided

Is 'Halal Beats' halal?

We ensure all soundtracks are planned, designed and created with all types of vocals. We also offer variations of each soundtrack with the Daf (drum) and the human beatbox recorded in-house. As Halal Beats is a brand, we take no responsibilities of any religious views or decisions as choosing to use our products comes down to the individual and beliefs of what they follow and believe. So it’s entirely your choice. What we can guarantee is our beats are made of vocals (For more information on what types of vocals we use please visit our FAQ’s page) . Any interpretation of any instruments you may hear in our beat is also created by vocals, Daf (Drum) and human beatbox.

Can I use the same beat multiple times for different projects?

Short answer: No

You will need to purchase a new license if you need to use the Beat for more than one production or project.

Do we offer custom soundtrack solution services?

Short answer: Not yet…

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service. However, we do welcome any suggestions or recommendations of tracks emailed to us ( that could be used as inspiration to create something like it. However, this should not be treated as a custom request and that we are not responsible for updating or sharing any information in regards to the process of it being produced or declined.

Where Can I post my project?

Please see license information to see what license you may require for your project which will tell you where you post your project.

Youtube Claims

For whitelisting, there are 2 types of actions we can take with YouTube for you.

The first is releasing claims if you want to remove (or not see) claims on videos. Whitelisting in this way is known as “allow-listing” and we will release claims as they arrive. Please note if you are requesting this action that we cannot undo it with YouTube.

Please send a link to the video you would like us to Whitelist or Release Claim on.

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The second option is to Whitelist specific YouTube Channels. This is intended to prevent claims (or “copyright strikes”) from appearing on the channel. Please submit the below link for us to submit to YouTube on your behalf. Please note we cannot whitelist artist channels.

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