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Play our music at your commercial event or store

Transform your business or event atmosphere with our soundtracks, designed to provide a welcoming and inclusive ambiance while respecting cultural values and sensitivities. Elevate your brand image and customer experience effortlessly.

Comfort for Customers

In regions or communities where adherence to cultural or religious values is important, using music that doesn't contain explicit or inappropriate content can be more respectful and appealing to a wider audience.

Family-Friendly Environment

In family-oriented stores or events, using vocal-only or halal beats can help maintain a family-friendly environment, making it suitable for all age groups.

Inclusive Atmosphere

It helps create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for people of all backgrounds, including those who may be sensitive to explicit lyrics or content.

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There are a range of tariffs to cover the different uses of music across various venue types. However, the cost of TheMusicLicence will vary according to your music use so you’ll need to contact us directly to arrange a quote.
To help you understand how much TheMusicLicence could cost, you can view the individual PPL and PRS for Music tariffs that may be applicable to you.

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