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Our mission is to encourage more people to create content using our soundtracks without compromising their beliefs.

Our Mission

Halal Beats is the world’s first and leading vocal-based sound solution, made for anyone and everyone to use regardless of their beliefs. We aim to help make it easier for Muslims to create and use content with our vocal-based soundtracks.

We make 50% of your work easier!

We all know content made using good sound makes a huge difference to the production, defining the overall mood and tone. We also know that using vocal-based soundtracks increases the coverage of the content, which is why Halal Beats offers a range of vocal-based soundtracks to cover most audience beliefs on music compared to soundtracks that use musical instruments.

Music & Media industry experienced

We are a group of individuals who have come from working in the mainstream music & film industry to provide a solution for Muslim content creators & businesses. We have produced a music library of high-quality vocal-only beats and soundtracks, which give a similar vibe to mainstream music.

Beat Breakdown

We offer up to 3 variations of the same beat

It’s important for everybody to know what's used in our beats. Let us share this with you…

Vocals only

We use a range of different pitch variable vocals from all around the world. Such as vocals recorded in-house, vocal samples, vocal synths and vocal pads.

Vocals & beatbox

The only drum we use in our products is the Daf or Duf, which has been specially made for us in Egypt. All sounds created by this drum is recorded in-house.

Vocals & drum

All beatboxing samples are recorded in-house by our producers.

Adam Clapham – Film & TV Producer/Director

Suleman  Ranya Khalifa Valu – My Grandad – Car lover Mechanic  

Hussein Hasham – Well known Musician & singer in East Africa

Inspired by the generations before...

My success stems from generations full of talent, skill, and experience. Meet my grandfathers (on the left) – yes, 3 of them!
My grandfathers have been huge inspirational figures in my life, and I have always looked up to them. They made a living from what they were passionate about, which inspired me to do what I enjoy best – to create masterpieces!

So, how did it all start?

Let’s start from the beginning – It all started from an idea…

Hi, I’m Umar Valu (AKA Umar Salaams), to be precise. I founded Halal Beats in 2020 from an idea that stemmed from earlier in my years of producing and creating music since the age of 7, to then joining the nasheed industry under the wing of Abdullah Rolle (World known nasheed artist) from the age of 18. And here I am today, building an empire, creating vocal-only soundtracks for you!
Watch the video below to learn more.

Our Success

The founder of Halal Beats was invited to a worldwide national TV station to discuss and explain how Halal Beats took off from an idea to a fully running business serving over 70,000+ Muslim & non-muslim content creators worldwide.

Users of halal beats have expressed their feelings and appreciation for how Halal Beats has supported content creation. Shifting from music with instruments to vocal-based music has allowed fans worldwide to listen to and enjoy their content. As a result, their sales have boosted, and views have increased.

Ensuring that our soundtracks are accessible to all our listeners has greatly impacted all our streaming platforms. We have followers who listen to our soundtracks whilst studying, working out at the gym, or whilst on long drives – a soundtrack available to suit your mood no matter what you’re doing, and that is what our followers appreciate!

External organisations have recognised our education services. As a result, the students we work with get to perform live at various events across the country. One of the events attended was at the Coventry Football Stadium, as part of the opening of the Youth Sports Trust (YST) Conference attended by over a thousand professionals.

We have had visits from the DfE Music representatives (Department for Education), who have been highly impressed with the vocal-based music curriculum provided to schools.

Our success

5.4 Million+ Listens

60+Countries and more

Over 300 Million views

All projects including our beats accumulate to over a whopping number of 300 million! Thanks to our users!

169+ Countries

Our users and listeners are everywhere around the world.

over 70k projects

We have helped over 70,000 content creators continue to create to please their audiences in using the right soundtracks

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