Beat Promotion

This service offers an opportunity for vocal producers and beat makers to submit their vocal beats or tracks for review, with the potential to feature them for sale on our beat store and YouTube channel at absolutely no cost to them. We also buy exclusives too.When your beats are sold through our platform, we do charge a small percentage to support our efforts in attracting a global user base to our website. Your talent, our platform, a worldwide audience – all working together seamlessly.
Please use the form below to submit one of your beats.

IMPORTANT: Only submit beats made with 100% vocals and that haven’t been promoted or submitted for promotion on other Beat Promotion channels.

Exclusivity Disclaimer: Vocal Tracks holds the right to decline a submission or terminate a submission after it has been accepted and promoted in the event the submitted beat appears on another YouTube promoter’s channel.

*Do not send multiple submissions!*
If we need to hear more music from you or if we need additional info, we will contact you directly. We will only review your first submission.
NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: Information contained in this submission and any files transmitted are confidential and constitute inside or non-public information under international, federal, or state laws and are intended only for the use of Vocal Tracks.

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